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VRPOA was incorporated in 1994… Over 20 years of VRPOA has worked to improve
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VRPOA: Mission Statement

To organize and work for the purpose of advancing the needs and concerns of rental property owners…VRPOA - Read More

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President’s Message, Treasurer’s Report, Closing the Communication Gap, 10 Brick Rental 101

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Welcome to VRPOA

Being part of VRPOA is useful and membership has benefits. Joining VRPOA gives you access to VRPOA information, monthly meetings and other experienced VRPOA members. VRPOA members are concerned with management of property and effectively working with tenants.

VRPOA was formed by a group of concerned rental property owners from Rutland, Vermont. VRPOA helped legislate for property owners in an environment that heavily favors tenants. Since 1994 the organization has grown beyond the Rutland area.


• Credit reports. • Tenant eviction database.
• Free legal advice. • Miscellaneous apartment forms.
• Pro se eviction handbook. • General meetings.
• Specialized lease. • Monthly Newsletter.
• Comprehensive application form. • Product discounts.
• Lead paint information. • Service savings.

VRPOA Member Work Includes:

    • Finding good tenants.
    • Credit reports and lease agreements.
    • Work with Landlord-Tenant relations.
    • Proper payment procedure.
    • Issues associated with Property Management.
    • Procedure for working with eviction.


There is no typical VRPOA member. If you have property or have property under management VRPOA is an ideal solution for either a seasoned landlord or first-time owner.

Call 802-773-9707 (VRPOA office)  or 802-775-3660 (Patrick M Riordan)  if you have any questions about VRPOA.